We use UK National Curriculum teaching and learning materials which are child friendly and created for International students.

At CreaPRIMARY we use a mixture of Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) and Project Based Learning (PBL) techniques to ensure coverage of the UK National Curriculum.  IBL and PBL reinforce curriculum content in a way that engages the learner. Both approaches act to stimulate the brain in a way that promotes deeper learning and understanding of content. We wish to encourage our students to experience flow; a feeling in which they feel their learning is optimum. With the flow theory, subjects and topics are not time restricted and this helps each child develop at their own individual pace.

  • Native English-speaking homeroom teacher or suitably experienced and qualified international teacher.
  • English speaking and Hungarian speaking teachers.
  • Main subjects are held both in English and Hungarian, skill based subjects are held in English KS1 curriculum follows UK National Curriculum standards in Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Global Perspectives. 








Maths is taught using a balance of practical and recorded activities. Pupils learn about numbers, shape, space and measure, and data handling. The emphasis on deepening pupils’ comprehension of numbers helps them gradually move away from using practical counting apparatus.

Students learn about living processes, materials, plants, animals and physical processes. They hypothesise and test out their ideas using practical and brainstorming sessions.

Makerspace is a favourite area for all of our students. Pupils are taught practical activities using tools, enjoying the 3D printing opportunity, working with natural materials putting their ideas come alive. Cooking is another creative  element of  makerspace. 

This will be a new subject being introduced to the school. The subject introduces important issues and matters that challenge the world today such as: sustainability, climate change, environmental issues.

Our Literacy  teaching is divided into blocks, with pupils  learning about fiction, non-fiction and poetry through reading, writing, grammar, phonics and spelling. Pupils learn the mechanics of reading the printed word while developing a deeper understanding of texts through role-play, retelling, performing and asking and answering questions.

Children will have a Library session once a week, where they will visit the Primary Library. There they will read books, and the teacher will listen to them (Reading Record). In addition there will be a range of engaging activities taking place to further support the development of their literacy skills.


Breakfast Club runs every day from 7:00 to 7:45am. This gives the children the opportunity to eat a healthy breakfast which is vital in supporting an start to the school day.

Homework – CreaPRIMARY prides itself that all learning takes place at school including the homework assignments or follow up activities. There will be projects that are to be completed at home, for example, preparing a poster with a friend, and talking about it in class, or assembly.

The Global Perspectives programme develops the skills of research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration and communication. The skills are taught through a wide range of topics using a personal, local and global perspective.

Circle Time is a popular activity adopted in Key Stage 1 to help develop positive relationships between children. It aims to give them tools to engage with and listen to each other. The whole class takes part in Circle Time at the same time, led by their teacher.